Dutch company is angling for worldwide success with vega tuna

Meat substitute producer Schouten Europe will be bringing its first fish substitute, a vegetable tuna at the end of this month. โ€œWe see a growing need and hope to contribute to the conservation of this endangered species,โ€ says marketing manager Mark van Noorloos.

The company, based in Giessen, has been selling meat substitutes for many years, but only now has fish. โ€œPreviously, the demand for vegetable alternatives only came from vegetarians and meat substitutes were much higher on the priority list,โ€ explains Van Noorloos. โ€œHowever, now it has become quite normal to eat vegetable alternatives. In addition, the technology is constantly evolving.โ€


He emphasizes that developing a fish substitute entails additional challenges. โ€œMeat is often processed products, but tuna has a taste that comes from the animal itself. In addition, tuna has a specific structure.โ€

The Vegetarian Butcher came up with a tuna substitute a few years ago. Van Noorloos: โ€œBut we think we can handle the competition well, with a product that has an excellent taste and structure.โ€

Schouten plans to develop several fish substitutes in the future, focusing on the more popular fish species. The tuna substitute will be on the shelf of a large Dutch supermarket at the end of February. The company believes that the other large supermarkets, which are already selling its meat substitutes, will follow later this year.

โ€œ In order to be able to make as much impact as possible, we hope to deploy the tuna substitute on a large-scale international scale soon,โ€ says Van Noorloos. Schouten now exports to more than fifty countries, with a focus on Western Europe and America.