Dutch companys ship robbed off West African coast, 15 men abducted

Off the coast of West African Benin, a robbery took place yesterday on a ship managed by a Dutch company, reports that company to DeccEit. Fifteen people on board have been kidnapped, the other six have been left on board and are making good.

The tanker Davide B sailed under the flag of Malta, but was managed by the company De Poli Tankers from Barendrecht. The crew members come from the Philippines, Russia and two Baltic states, says a spokesman. The ship was on its way from the Latvian capital Riga to Lagos in Nigeria.

The robbery was almost 40 miles south of the Benin coast. The kidnappers believed to have taken the crew members to one of the nearby countries to demand a ransom.

In any case, the Poli Tankers hopes to be able to enter into a dialogue. โ€œOur primary concern is to inform all family members and get the remaining crew safely ashore.โ€ Security personnel have been sent to Davide B to take care of them.

More often robberies

In the Gulf of Guinea, robberies or hijacking are increasingly taking place. Last September, pirates attacked another Gronings ship and kidnapped two crew members. In January, a dead man fell in an attack on a container ship, the other crew members were abducted and released after a few weeks.

The Barendrechtse company says that the crew members of their ships are prepared for such dangers. There is also โ€œvisible and non-visible securityโ€ on board.