Dutch embassy in Kiev reopens

The Dutch embassy in Kiev will reopen today. This is what Minister Hoekstra of Foreign Affairs said prior to the weekly cabinet meeting.

Due to the Russian threat, the embassy staff were temporarily relocated to Lviv, more west, just before the start of the war. A small part of the staff can return to the capital.

Because of the close cooperation with Ukraine and because the Netherlands is providing humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine, an embassy in the capital is important, Hoekstra said. He pointed out that the Netherlands will go there together with other countries that have already allowed embassy staff to return to Kiev.

โ€œIt is never without risks, but considering everything, we find this sensible and acceptable. It is a small team and security has been carefully looked at,โ€ says Hoekstra, who spoke of a โ€œdiplomatic signalโ€ to Ukraine.