Dutch first Miss World Corine Spier-Rottschäfer died

The first Dutch Miss World died. Corine Spier-Rottschäfer (82) won the title in 1959 in London. She had previously been named Miss Holland and Miss Europa.

Rottschäfer was a popular model throughout the world in the first half of the sixties and then started its own modeling agency.

Look below for an item that was made on the model in 1958.

The 19-year-old Corine Rottschäfer won the Miss Holland election in 1957 and was the first Dutch woman to win the Miss Europa election in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Two years later, she was asked to fill in for Miss Holland 1959, who had canceled at the last minute for the Miss World election. As a result, she arrived in London later than the other participants and was not well prepared.

A few hours before the election, she discovered that there were fire holes in her evening dress. Miss Israel was kind enough to lend her an evening dress. Rottschäfer won the election and Miss Israel finished third. The prize consisted of 4000 guilders and a car with 16,000 kilometres of ‘petrol vouchers’.

Rottschäfer did not have much money at that time and thought it was too expensive to transport the car from London to Amsterdam. She sold the car and the gasoline vouchers for 6,000 guilders.

Below is a report of the Miss World election 1959.

After the Miss World election, Rottschäfer had enough of miss elections and focused on modeling. In 1962 she married architect and later politician Edo Spier, with whom she had two children.

No escort agency

Corine Spier-Rottschäfer was a popular model all over the world for years, but her husband didn‘t like all those foreign trips, she told Elsevier in 2013. You’re never there, you can‘t think of anything else, I was told.

In 1964, she founded Corine’s Agency, the first professional modelling agency in the Benelux. The company remained a leading agency in the international modeling world for decades. However, the creation did not go without a blow. Soon the police were on the sidewalk. Who thought I was running an escort agency.

She was also fined for violating the employment law. She fought the case to the Supreme Court and won. The law was amended and this also paved the way for the creation of temporary employment agencies in the Netherlands.

Muser-Rottschäfer continued to run the modelling agency until her retirement in 2002.