Dutch glory on the coefficients list

PSV, AZ and FC Twente did particularly good business on behalf of the Netherlands on the UEFA coefficients list this week. We still hold sixth place firmly in our hands, while competitor Portugal has just lost a team. The fifth place is now even in sight for the Netherlands.
PSV, AZ and Twente all managed to win in the preliminaries of the Champions and Conference League this week. As a result, the Netherlands can add 0.600 points to the coefficient ranking. Pursuer Portugal also managed to win three times, but that earned the southern European country 0.500 points. Because the Portuguese are allowed to deliver six teams in Europe, their victories are worth less. But more importantly, Portugal has already lost its first European participant.
Vitória Guimarães did not make up for a defeat from the first match against Hajduk Split, which AZ did manage against Dundee United. As a result, the Netherlands has a great advantage in the fight for the coveted sixth place. Those who finish in that position this season will earn a second Champions League ticket at the end of the 2023/24 season, and the countrys number three can also compete in the preliminary round of the billion-dollar ball.
Baling faces at Vitória Guimarães, after defeat in Conference League preliminary round
In the final heat of the Conference League, a crucial meeting is scheduled for both the Netherlands and Portugal. AZ then hits Gil Vicente. If the Alkmaarders manage to eliminate the number five of the Portuguese competition, then
our competitor has serious problems. FC Porto, Sporting Portugal and Benfica have to perform very strongly in Europe to prevent the Netherlands from getting an extra Champions League ticket. If AZ loses over two duels, then everything is open again in the battle for sixth place.
Attack on number five France? Due to the good performance of the Netherlands, it is even possible to look up. The gap with number five France has dwindled to only 1,497 points. This is partly due to PSV: the people of Eindhoven eliminated AS Monaco in the Champions League preliminaries. Whether the Netherlands can also launch a serious attack on France will have to be seen in the next two weeks.
Partly thanks to PSV, the Netherlands can dream of the fifth place on the coefficients list.
OGC Nice then flows in when the final heat of the Conference League begins. If the French do not manage to take out Maccabi Tel Aviv FC, while PSV, AZ and Twente all achieve results, then the Netherlands may already have taken fifth place. That would result in an extra Europa League ticket compared to sixth place, rather than a spot in the second Conference League preliminary round. The only Conference League team is also allowed to enter later in the preliminaries. With Rangers FC, Gil Vicente and Fiorentina as opponents, the Dutch clubs have to work in Europe.
All in all, it now looks rosy for us on the coefficients list. The second Champions League direct ticket is closer than ever, while the fifth spot also beckons. Nevertheless, the coming weeks are crucial: the last heat of the European tournaments can change the whole situation again. To be prosecuted quickly.
The current top-ten in the coefficient ranking1. England 88,855 (2,285) (7/7) 2. Spain 78,712 (2,285) (7/7) 3. Germany 67,856 (2,500) (7/7) 4. Italy 61,854 (2,285) (7/7) 5. France 49,997 (1,416) (6/6) 6. NETHERLANDS 48,500 (2,100) (5/5) 7. Portugal 46,049 (2,333) (5/5) 7. Portugal 46,049 (2,333) (5/5) 6) 8. Scotland 34,100 (1,200) (3/5) 9. Austria 30,700 (1,600) (5/5) 10. Belgium 30 .100 (2,100) (5/5)