‘Dutch initiative: 440 million for relatives deceased in Qatar’

The international player unions want to make work of a financial fund for relatives of deceased migrant workers in Qatar. The organization of the 2022 World Cup has been under fire for a long time because of the circumstances in which, among other things, the stadium builders have had to work and the large number of workers who have left their lives.
After the British newspaper The Guardian reported 6500 deceased, the global outrage was high. In April, the Dutch player union VVCS, together with the internationals of the Dutch team, made a statement against the abhorrent working conditions of the immigrant workers in Qatar. In the meantime, the act has been added to the floor, reports deCCeit: at the initiative of the VVCS, the umbrella international union FIFPro has put forward a proposal to make a gesture for the next of kin of the workers killed.
The initiators hope that Qatar and FIFA will make the first contribution, worth 440 million euros. At least Qatar seems willing to enter into the conversation. In January, discussions about the effect will follow. This shows that Qatar did not immediately reject the plan,โ€ says deCeit.