Dutch love natural waters

Every week we use this website to gauge the opinion of our readers. This time: are you swimming in Dutch natural water and what is your favourite spot?

Plenty of places in the Netherlands where many of you enjoy swimming in natural water. Much nicer than a dip in those dirty chlorine pools, is the thought.

This is how Nancy Kalbvleesch likes to swim in the Brabantste Langenboom. Lovely water, very clean in my opinion. Enjoyed!

Alina Hanskamp cant get away from the water either. We have a caravan on a campsite on the dead arm of the (Gelderse) IJssel. When the weather is nice I swim there regularly. This winter it will be a swimming pool. Too bad, but we will swim!

By the way, with natural water you have to pay attention to the presence of algae. But if there is enough current, you wont be bothered by it, as Aafje van der Wiel from Friesland knows, who likes to swim in the Goëngarijpsterpoelen.

Lovely to jump into the water from your garden. Super fun for our children and grandchildren. Enjoy, especially with the heat of the past weeks. The advantage is that there is a current in the water so you dont have to bother with algae. There are also big pike swimming, but just as well splashing and they will go away!


We have been swimming for years in the Grote Heggen near Thorn and the Maasplassen near Geistingen, Belgium. A beautiful water-rich area where we lie with a boat and still unknown. It is also much warmer than in the Netherlands.



I am the father of two children aged 8 and 11 and we love to swim. We do that in the Markermeer. It is clean water and not too deep, you can walk a kilometre until it reaches your waist and there are no murmurs or other hidden dangers, wonderful!

Wouter Annes

Crystal clear

I swim almost daily in the Water Gardens district of Rosmalen. Every day I go by canoe to a large sand excavation (also provided with city beach). A natural environment with reed banks and trees. Relatively quiet and plenty of space. The water is crystal clear and more pleasant than full chlorine pools.

Johan Sijtsema


We have a caravan on a small campsite on the dead arm of the (Gelderse) IJssel. There is a small mini-beach where some people also come. When the weather is nice I swim there regularly, wonderful to have so much water for yourself. In the winter we have been on Tenerife for the last few years, where I swam in the sea about four times a week.

Alina Hanskamp

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