Dutch people stuck in the UK: ‘Everything is close’

Dutch people in the United Kingdom who wanted to spend the holidays in the Netherlands had to cancel their plans. The United Kingdom is almost locked now that passenger flights, trains and boat connections have been cancelled.

Social media are full of messages from concerned Dutch people with questions about how to reach the Netherlands. After the news that planes would be banned, people tried to buy a train ticket or tickets for the boat. But that is no longer an option. Charissa King of East Sussex did not have any tickets yet. โ€œI wanted to go to Holland for Christmas, because I havent been there for months because of corona. I was planning to book last minute, but everything is closed.โ€

Floor Martens from Newcastle had a plane ticket for Sunday. โ€œI would fly in the morning. When my alarm went off and I looked at my phone, my brother and mother had called.โ€ Her brother sent her not to go to the airport. Her flight was not on. Because she wanted to be sure that she could return to the Netherlands, she canceled all her plans. โ€œI understand why this choice was made, but Im pretty disappointed.โ€

The daughter and husband of Liesbeth Chamuleau are trapped in the south of England. Her husband had flown to England on Saturday to move and pick up their daughter. โ€œThen they woke up on Sunday and all flights had been canceled.โ€ Liesbeth tried to book a boat quickly, but in the course of the day the situation changed. โ€œLuckily they are in a hotel together and I am here in the Netherlands with my other daughters.โ€ But how and when her family can get home is not clear.

Marieke Nautas family is in the middle of a move from England to the Netherlands. โ€œA few months ago, we decided to move back to the Netherlands partly because of British government policy regarding Brexit and Corona.โ€ The stuff is already in the Netherlands, but because the family itself wanted ten days in isolation, the move was suddenly prevented. โ€œThis has great practical and emotional consequences, especially for children. The Dutch government has said that Dutch people would be admitted at all times. No one saw this coming. Now our risk-averse behaviour has been punished.โ€