Dutch retrieved from La Palma, volcano continues to stir

TUI has still picked up dozens of Dutch holidaymakers from La Palma, where Cumbre Vieja volcano still spews ash and lava. The flight has now landed at Schiphol.

Its a group of 79, which would actually be picked up yesterday with a scheduled flight. It couldnt go on, says a spokesman for TUI, โ€œbecause the pilots had concerns about ash in higher layers of air. To be sure it was then decided not to fly.โ€

The Dutch have spent an extra night in hotels. The flight also allowed travelers who wanted to abort their holidays. TUI says not everyone wants to leave. Some stay at their hotel on the west side of La Palma, or leave for Tenerife.

The holidaymakers from La Palma have arrived at Schiphol:

TUI is not flying to La Palma with new holidaymakers this week. People can move their journey or choose a different destination. โ€œLa Palma is one of the smaller Canary Islands, its not about large numbers of travelers.โ€

Lava flows less fast

The Cumbre Viejo erupted for the first time in fifty years on Sunday. There was a series of earthquakes prior to that. The lava flow has now destroyed its 350 houses. There is also a lot of damage to infrastructure and farmland. There are no injuries or fatalities.

The rate at which the lava flows across the Canary Island has now decreased to four meters per hour. Earlier this week, it was 700 metres per hour. There are concerns that the thick lava flow reaches a larger surface area and causes more damage. In some places, the lava mass is fifteen meters high.

Experts warn of explosions, landslides and toxic gases as soon as the lava reaches the sea.

The Spanish king Felipe and Queen Letizia, and Prime Minister Sรกnchez visited the island today. During their visit, they promised to help those in need on the island.

Many people donate food and clothing for La Palma evacuees: