Dutch sailor missing in Atlantic for weeks

A Dutch sailor has been missing on the North Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Greenland for weeks. The Icelandic Coast Guard and the Danish army have searched for his wooden sailboat with ships, planes and helicopters, but found nothing.

The search was complicated by the Dutchman not carrying a GPS tracker. However, he would be in possession of a so-called personal locator beacon, which can send an emergency signal. Why this device was not used is unknown.

The Icelandic Coast Guard launched a call to seafarers on Facebook two weeks ago to look out for the boat, the Laurel. The Icelanders also distributed an investigation message via radio. There is no active search for the Dutchman since Saturday 11 September.

Experienced Sea Sailor

The missing man is 63-year-old Eugène Eggermont from Haarlem. His family calls him an adventurer, who, in recent years, sailed large ends across the Norwegian Sea between the Shetland Islands, Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Eggermont departed from the Westman Islands on the southwest coast of Iceland on August 8. He told his family that he planned to make the crossing to Greenland, hundreds of nautical miles to the west. He would get back in touch around the 22nd.

When family members hadnt heard from him a week later, they started the Dutch Coast Guard. He contacted the Icelandic colleagues, after which the search started.

The family rests in the unknown fate of Eggermont. “We will most likely never find out what happened to Eugène.”