Dutch soldier died in Norway from acute cardiac arrest

The Dutch military officer who died in Norway on Saturday, succumbed to acute cardiac arrest. According to the preliminary autopsy report, the Royal Marechaussee reports.

The Marechaussee investigates the death of the Dutchman. According to a spokesman, the autopsy is part of that and the investigation has not yet been completed.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK reports that deceased military is a 42-year-old petty officer. The man would have been in his room all Saturday, from which he would have had contact with his colleagues. At the end of the afternoon he was found and around 18:00 his death was recorded, writes the Norwegian broadcaster. The Marechaussee doesnt want to say anything about this.

Commemorative service

According to the NRK, a memorial service was held yesterday at the army camp for the Dutchman. A delegation from the Norwegian army would also have been present.

The military participated in winter training near the Norwegian town of Skjold, in the far north of the country. The training is intended for possible deployment under Arctic conditions.

The military exercise began in January. Defense then said that it was expected that some 800 soldiers would be involved, mainly marines.