Dutch soldiers to UK tomorrow for training Ukrainians

The Netherlands will begin training Ukrainian soldiers in the United Kingdom next month. It was already known that the Netherlands would join a training program of the British army. Ministers Ollongren and Hoekstra have now provided the House of Representatives with more details.

The British started training at the beginning of last month. Ukrainian recruits and more experienced Ukrainian military personnel receive training for a few weeks. It is planned that in one and a half to two years a maximum of 10,000 Ukrainians will follow such training in the UK.

Basic training

Dutch soldiers will contribute to this with a ‘basic training’. This is done at a fixed location in the United Kingdom. The training is given by soldiers of the 13 Light Brigade of the Royal Army. They are training two classes from September to November. Each block lasts five weeks. This involves training in the field of tactical and marksmanship, medical care and humanitarian war law. A number of staff officers will also strengthen the British coordinating staff. The first Dutch leave tomorrow.

For the time being, around 90 Dutch soldiers are involved in the training. Perhaps the Netherlands will contribute again next year, then with the Marine Corps, but that is still being talked about.

Ollongren and Hoekstra call it very important to support the strengthening of the Ukrainian armed forces.