Dutch suspect case Amanda Todd extradited to Canada

The convicted webcamafperser Aydin C. (42) has been extradited by the Netherlands to Canada to be prosecuted for the Amanda Todd case.

That‘s what his lawyer Robert Malewicz lets know after questions from RTL Boulevard.

Canada is going to prosecute C. for stalking 15-year-old Amanda Todd with her own nude photo, which ultimately killed the girl. Amanda’s death in October 2012 became world news after she posted a video telling her what kind of hell she was going through. For a few years, C. chased her with a nude photo that the girl had once shared. The Canadian teenager became a symbol for the victims of sextortion.

At the

beginning of December, the Tilburger flew from the Netherlands to Canada, where he is now in custody. C. was sentenced to 10 years and 243 days in prison for abusing and blackmailing 34 underage girls from different countries. The judges ruled that the man enjoyed humiliating the girls and spoke of danger of recurrence. โ€œMy client is not being prosecuted in Canada for involvement in the death of Amanda Todd, but for the material that was allegedly distributed. He challenged his extradition, but eventually withdrew his cassation,โ€ says Counselor Robert Malewicz on request.