‘Dutch Syrian gangster disappeared from refugee camp Al-Hol’

The Dutch Syrian gangster Ojone I. has disappeared from the Kurdish refugee camp Al-Hol. Her two children are also missing, reports the Danish public broadcaster DR on the basis of internal camp documents. NRC also writes that the newspaper had access to the play.

According to the broadcaster, the name of the Dutch is on the list as โ€œinactiveโ€. That means shes not in the camp anymore. Also in another refugee camp, Al-Roj, the Dutch is not present.

The 24-year-old Dutch was married to a Danish leader of the Islamic State that probably died in 2017. Before that, she was married to an IS-terrorist from Bangladesh, who was also killed.

I. was arrested by Kurdish troops in 2019 when the last IS stronghold Baghouz fell and brought to Al-Hol camp. How long she and her children have disappeared there is unclear. They may have moved to another country with the help of smugglers.

The woman was put on the terrorist list by Foreign Secretary last year.

Bad conditions

In Al-Hol camp, the situation is very tense and dangerous, and conditions are poor. Dozens of people have already been killed this year, including by gun violence or knife stabbing. Just two months ago, an employee of Doctors Without Borders was killed. The Kurds have asked the international community several times to collect foreign prisoners.

According to the AIVD, over 300 people from the Netherlands with jihadist intentions left for Syria and Iraq in recent years, one third of them were women. The intelligence agency believes that there are now 25 female outsiders and 70 children with a Dutch link in the Syrian-Kurdish camps.

The service warned in 2017 that jihadist women are a โ€œnot to underestimate threatโ€, including for safety in the Netherlands.