Dutch team players wet their chest for ‘the best striker in the world’

The Dutch team is preparing for a clash with ‘the best striker in the world’: Robert Lewandowski. National coach Louis van Gaal sees it as an important test for his players.
Lewandowski was not there at the beginning of June, but on Thursday, when Poland takes on the Orange at home in the context of the Nations League. “Do I expect a different Poland than I did on June 11? Lewandowski is going to play, the best striker in the world. So it‘s a real test. In all games under my leadership, we have allowed too many goals. We have made a lot of it, but we also received a lot against it. This is a good test,” says Van Gaal at the press conference.
Van Gaal has a fit team. “Yes, everyone is fit, but that’
s always the case. I have said several times that the Dutch team is not a rehabilitation center. Basically, I only select fit players.”
“He‘s a nice person with a good mentality,” Frenkie de Jong says about Lewandowski. “Someone who is always working hard to improve, one of the best players in the world. He is strong, but can also hold the ball and is technically skilled. He sets a lot of goals and that is very important to us. I’m happy to have him on the team.”