Dutchman completes 2600 km barefoot tour of Australia

Dutchman Anton Nootenboom has walked a 2600 kilometres barefoot tour of Australia.

The 34-year-old Dutchman walked the tour from Cairns to Sydney in 164 days. He wants to draw attention to mens mental health. He raised more than 50,000 Australian dollars (more than 43,000 euros) and around 12,000 euros in the Netherlands for his purpose.


loud applause and with dozens of people following him, the Dutchman travelled the last miles. โ€œIt was incredibly heavy, especially because of all the stones that stick in your feet,โ€ Nootenboom tells ANP news agency. โ€œAlthough people were a little disappointed when they saw the bottom of my feet, because they actually look really good. But inside everything is bruised and broken.โ€


Nootenboom served ten years in the Dutch army and was sent to Afghanistan three times. After his service, he moved to Australia where he started working in construction and started barefoot walking. He struggled with his mental health and saw his fellow veterans do so. With his walking tour and talking openly about his struggles, he wants to break the taboo among veterans to talk about their mental problems.

He kept his followers informed about his progress under the name The Barefoot Dutchman on Instagram.