Dutchman not very concerned about online safety

The Dutch are not seriously concerned about their online safety. This emerges from research that Motivaction carried out on behalf of internet provider XS4ALL.

In the poll, half of the 1,500 respondents said they had “some concerns” about their online safety. 38 percent worry little or very little. XS4ALL concludes from this that 88 percent of the Dutch people are not or hardly worried.

Last year, the internet provider had the same survey carried out. At that time, 61 percent of the Dutch indicated that they worry very rarely or not at all.

Security risks actually increased

XS4ALL calls it special that the percentage of people who are not worried has increased so much because more security risks have been added in recent years. Even in the corona crisis, some digital threats to average internet users actually increased.

For example, there was more WhatsApp fraud, in which scammers impersonate people in order to cheat people out of money. Yet only 6 percent have changed their minds about security since the corona crisis, according to the research.

Only one in ten people are very concerned about how safe they operate digitally. There were no major differences between men and women, although there were slightly more men who worried very little: 7 percent of men versus 2 percent of women.