Dutchman shot dead in Colombia by two men on motorcycle

In Colombia, a Dutchman (45) was shot dead by two armed men on a motorcycle. It happened last Saturday evening in Piedras de Moler, a town about 200 kilometers west of the capital Bogota, Colombian media reports. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms the death of the man in front of the AD.

The man moved to Colombia about five years ago. In the Valle del Cauca region, he set up a brewery. He was shot dead in one of his business premises. The perpetrators then fled to the city of Cartago.

The police are investigating the case, but cant give clarity about a motive yet. It may have been an attempt at a robbery. It is also not out of the question that criminals were ruining the man, but that he refused to pay, police say.

Colombian media writes that the man was very much loved in the region and that his death has arrived hard. The Dutchman is described as a โ€œhardworking, friendly man, who was very involved in the welfare of the community and wanted to grow his business to be able to provide jobs to people in needโ€.