Dwarf Fortress authors revealed ten minutes of gameplay

Kitfox Games revealed a ten-minute playthrough of the legendary Dwarf Fortress simulator, an updated version of which Bay 12 Games is working on. The video showed what the new desert fortress looks like. Dwarf Fortress is said to be the deepest and most complex world simulation in history.

The game gained popularity with ASCII graphics, but its creators are now working on an updated version with a more modern picture. However, fans of the classic will be able to switch to the original graphics.

Players will have to create their own unique world and take control of a colony of dwarves until they all die. The developers promise two additional modes: Adventure, in which we explore the generated world like in a role-playing game, and Legends Mode, which tells the story of our world and all attempts Passing.

The new version of Dwarf Fortress still doesnt have a release date. More on Gamemania Medieval Dynasty authors share game development plan Severed Steel authors ask players what else to add to the game Far Cry 6 will open a secret store with a special assortment.