Dying Light 2 authors talk about parkour, weapons and craft โ€” an Igromania exclusive

The creators of Dying Light 2 don‘t get tired of talking about the expected zombie action: they previously held shows focused on monsters, parkour and combat system, and now decided to reveal some more details about the latest Two. And did it all in a video that is available with Russian subtitles only on โ€œIromaniaโ€! Chief Game Designer Tymon Smektala and Senior Producer Kornel Jaskula talked about battles and survival, as well as the creation of the subjects. Even the developers can’t say, Dying Light 2 โ€” first of all about fights or about survival? In general, there are many different passing opportunities in the game, from using stealth to forming your surroundings depending on decisions made.

In addition, sometimes you can do without battles at all. On the other hand, it‘s not a survivalist where you need to think about food and resources, and build shelters โ€” but also the elements of the โ€œsurvivalistโ€ in the project are present too.

Where on earth without that in a zombie action? By the way, Smektala reported, the developers might think more about it after the release. However, however different some of the game’s individual elements, they can be successfully combined โ€” and the makers of Dying Light 2 are just recommending gamers to combine all available opportunities.

Individual parkour elements are for combat only: for example, players will be able to stun opponents using them in order to push back and hit another enemy. It is also quite spectacular to put a point in the battle with a powerful blow to the ground.

The game‘s creators emphasize that all this will be available to all players who are not even particularly familiar with the various fighters. So everyone can create such combinations that will bring everyone round.

Finally, but not by value, Dying Light 2 developers have improved the crafting system significantly compared to the first part of. Players can both modify items and create them from scratch โ€” including launchers, mixtures, grenades, and not only.

You can improve things by helping Masters who give the player small tasks (most often, collecting resources) and then improving the hero’s drawings (usually nine levels) so that the items we create are more efficient. sometimes blueprints can offer the player something unique.

For example, the ability to stick explosives on an enemy. The modification system has become much more flexible and complex: each weapon has three modification cells, and any mod can be placed in any cell.

So the same machete can conditionally increase damage by adding electric shocks on hit, or controllability by implementing fire damage across the area. Dying Light 2 with Russian subtitles, exclusive GamersRemember, Dying Light 2 will be released on December 7 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

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