Dying Light 2 can be fully passed in the co-op

Studio Techland continues to share new information about the future action movie Dying Light 2. And the next news representatives of Techland published in the Discord-channel Dying Light. It refers to the possibility of a cooperative in the future game.

As the developers report, Dying Light 2 can be completely, from beginning to finish, go through in a cooperative with friends. As in the first game, a group of four people is allowed, but in Dying Light there were segments not available for joint passage: the entrance level and the ending.

Since in Dying Light 2 will be made strong emphasis on plot variations with decision-making, with this one will have to be considered in the cooperative. All decisions will be made by only one player, the one joined by friends.

But he can do this after discussions and negotiations with the company. In addition, Techland denied the rumor that Dying Light 2 introduces mechanics of base construction.

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