Dying Light 2 promises 3 levels of solutions โ€” they affect the world or plot, but how?

Techland released the first video from the Q&A-session, where developers answer questions from Dying Light fans. In the debut video of the series, most of the information in one way or another has already been reported, but the leading game designer of Dying Light 2 Timon Smektala told and something interesting – about the consequences player decisions. Recent rumours claimed they were abandoned, however the team denies this.

Smektala reported that there are three types of solutions in the game: Story – there are few of them, they arise only in the tasks of the main campaign and affect the ending; Secondary ones are elections in secondary (and sometimes basic) assignments that partially affect the world. As an example, he cited a mission where an opera singer could be saved.

If this succeeds, she will appear in the hub and will sing there; Urban – depending on the player‘s decisions, a faction will seize control over the areas of the city. The latter type is especially interesting, because the locations change not only visually, but also gameplayno.

For example, in the area of peacekeepers there are many โ€œcombat assistantsโ€ – traps, which can be used when fighting with people or infected people. And if the region gets to survivors, they will install ropes, ziplines and trampolines to facilitate movement.

โ€œDepending on the solutions, you will be able to form your own gameplay space and gameplay environment. โ€ Also, Smektala said that the behavior of the hook-cat in the sequel is very different – if in the original thanks to it it was possible to jump around the location almost in the style of Spider-Man, then the second part is much closer to reality.

The closest analogy is Tarzan. What else was told: There are almost no firearms – if desired, you can make some shotgun, which can also be hit in melee, but it will break after several shots; there will be no controlled vehicles.

Dying Light 2 is created for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. Withdrawal is expected before the end of More on CCeit For Apex Legends presented โ€œArenaโ€ – it’s almost a separate game Next demo Resident Evil Village expanded for a whole week NIer Replicant started on Steam better NIer: Automata.