Dying Light 2: Stay Human authors reveal how guns have changed

Techland has released a new episode of Dying 2 Know MORE, which details the weaponry in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. First of all, the developers reminded that there will be a new world new weapons. In the first Dying Light, you could find simple bladed weapons and other tools like wrenches, but they had worn out in 20 years.

High-tech weapons still exist in the sequel world, but theyre very expensive and not easy to find. This means that in Dying Light 2, players will have to settle for collecting weapons from various junk and other strange materials.

As far as wear and tear on the weapon, it will depend on class. For example, a rare high quality axe will last longer than something assembled from handmade materials.

By the way, a certain weapon will soon be worn out by a rattling sound effect โ€” its developers got randomly when one of the sound designers working on the sounds, broke a real machete. The effect is so organic and real that they decided to include it in the game.

Worn weapons can lead to an unpleasant situation where enemies have nothing to fend off โ€” developers advise you to prepare more carefully for each battle. Of course, it will be possible to cram โ€” climb higher, lure enemies, and then slide down the face.

If you want to use ranged weapons, remember which opponents it is most effective. So, for example, a bow against a fast and pimple Banshee would be completely useless.

The developers also talked about the creation of fixed guns โ€” they spent more time on their design and mechanics. They are promised to be a lot of fun with them during any foul.

The team was able to recreate about 200 weapons from modern materials. In their work, they have been inspired by different cultures and historical periods.

Developers promise to share new details soon. Recall that it has recently become known about the transfer Dying Light 2 on February 4, 2022.

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