Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires stripped of open world but will come out on Nintendo Switch

Koei Tecmo at TGS 2020 announced Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires, in which there will be no open world, and the resources and content of the predecessors will be used precisely to create epic battles — and that‘s why the game will also get to the Nintendo Switch. โ€œEmpiresโ€ bet on three key elements: large-scale siege of castles โ€œone against a thousandโ€ diplomacy with all sorts of plots, secret meetings and maintenance relationship ability to edit their officers. Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires is released in early 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and RS (Steam).

In addition, TGS introduced the mobile Dynasty Warriors for iOS and Android. More on CCeit 5K Gaming: The PS Store has dramatically increased the price of games โ€” both old and new Dan’s gameplay video for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Tekken 7 has exceeded; 6 million copies, and sales of the entire series โ€” 50 million copies.