EA announces Dead Space relaunch

At EAs presentation, Play Live, as intended, announced a reimagining of Dead Space from Studio Motive on the Frostbite engine. Details of the changes in the debut video presented little, reminding the fact that the main character, engineer Isaac Clark, should โ€œcut off body partsโ€ of necromorphs. In doing so, the development team โ€œput the game together from scratchโ€ by deepening the gameplay, expanding the story, improving the visual component, and deepening the characters.

The project will be released on PS5, Xbox Series and PC. More on the Game Announcement Battlefield Portal โ€” Mode Editor for BF 2042 with old parts content Anna Torv will play Tess in HBO adaptation of The Last of Us In EGS Summer sale โ€” at Days Gone and Biomutant discounts.