EA hints part of Battlefield 6 events will unfold in Kazakhstan

EA left at least two hints that the action of Battlefield 6 could at least partially unfold in Kazakhstan. This was drawn to the attention of blogger DannyonPC. Firstly, in June at the technical show of nextgen games of the company in an excerpt about the new part of the shooter fleetingly appeared numbers – they were on the nose of the soldier.

Secondly, the secret skin for the fifth part, which was discovered very recently, also has a set of numbers. If you present the numbers as coordinates, they indicate Kazakhstan.

Perhaps, of course, this is only a successful coincidence, but it is much more likely that developers and publisher launched ARG. Probably, we will find out the truth in the next couple of months – the shooter should announce before the end of spring, and its release will take place in the fall.

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