EA to continue making games by Star Wars despite end of exclusive deal

During the quarterly report, EA head Andrew Wilson confirmed that the company will continue to create Star Wars games despite the imminent end of the exclusive contract. In a call with investors, Wilson noted that the publishers latest games by brand brought in more than $3bn, and the total number of copies sold was 52 million units. One mobile Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes earned about a billion dollars.

โ€œWe will continue to invest in Star Wars. Its very lucrative and were excited about what we can achieve in the future.

Although third-party teams will create Star Wars games, this does not change our commitment to the brand or our ability to create a certain number of games. That doesnt mean we will make fewer franchise games.

โ€ Unfortunately, EA has released only four major games under license in 8 years of existence of the exclusive contract โ€” two controversial Battlefront, the successful Jedi: Fallen Order and niche Squadrons. Also, the company managed to cancel at least three games on the franchise, including Ragtag from Visceral.

Now, in addition to EA, the creators of The Division – studio Ubisoft Massive are working on Star Wars. In addition, it is rumored that Aspyr is working on the new Knights of the Old Republic.

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