Early access to 30XX to open on February 17

Independent studio Batterystaple Games has named the premiere date for the Co-operative Platform Bagel 30XX. Arcade action movie will be released into early Steam access on February 17. Players will be able to try their hand in two main modes: classic arcade bagel and Mega Mode campaign with permanent death.

In addition, they will be available to a completely new level editor, which allows you to use all the tools of developers and share their creations with other players. At the time of the premiere in the 30XX there will be six thematic levels, including the Cathedral of Penumbra, where reflective surfaces can be used to destroy enemies, as well as the holographic jungle Deepverse, which will require speed, accuracy and reaction to stay alive.

In any of the locations, 30XX heroes will have many ways to overcome obstacles. Players will be able to use the abilities of defeated bosses using Nina‘s new Power Fusion system or using Ace’s techniques to build destructive combos.

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