Early Access to The Crackpet Show will add a third season

Polish studio Vixa Games, known for the Love Colors puzzle and Jumping Joe platformer, and Moscow independent publishing house Ravenage Games are preparing to release an early access action movie with elements The Crackpet Show bagel. And the creators have already shared a plan for the development of the game in the coming months. The Crackpet Show is an insane Bullet Hell shooter with animated graphics, colorful mutant characters, dangerous bosses , a sea of various weapons and special abilities inspired by bloody cartoons like Happy Tree Friends.

The game will be available on Steam Early Access on December 16. The first two seasons of the action movie will be available to players at the start of Early Access.

As the game progresses, the content of the third season will be unlocked, consisting of six episodes. Players will have access to new challenges, enemies, ways to victory, and an even greater arsenal of ways to wreak havoc alone and with three friends.

The Crackpet Show is due for full release pets, including the Hell Goat, rabid enemies and brutal bosses, new perks and strange weapons such as a glue gun and egg launcher, as well as ways to damage chilli or other items. The game should leave early access in 2022.

At the same time, it is going to be released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles. However, details about this have not yet been announced.

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