Early ‘Dunes’ release on HBO Max could cancel

According to the media, due to the legal proceedings of Warner Bros. with Legendary, the release of โ€œDuneโ€ on HBO Max still may not take place. The latter studio is trying to stop the release of some films on HBO Max has been reported earlier.

And it seems that this plan may well become a reality. The fact is that Legendary provided about 75% of the budget of โ€œDuneโ€ and โ€œGodzilla vs.

Kongโ€, so she wants these tapes to go to the cinema first, and then hit digital platforms. The director of โ€œDuneโ€ Denis Villeneuve also acts for this.

According to rumors, โ€œDuneโ€ wants to leave for cinemas, counting on its potential as a big franchise. Considering that its release will take place on October 1, many viewers may be ready to return to the cinema halls by this period.

But โ€œGodzilla vs. Kongโ€ could still go to HBO Max if Warner strikes a new deal.

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