Early voting possible again in the municipal elections

As with the House of Representatives elections, early voting can be taken in the municipal elections of 16 March next year in connection with corona. A number of voting rooms open in each municipality, where voters also cast their votes on 14 and 15 March. The First and Lower House have agreed to this.

โ€œEarly voting promotes the spread of voters, who are better able to choose their own moment when it is quieter in the voting room,โ€ writes Minister Ollongren of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. โ€œBy taking this decision now, the government provides municipalities with timely clarity for the organization of the municipal elections in March.โ€

The law that regulates early voting is the Temporary Act for Elections covid-19 (Twv). It was due to expire on 1 January, but is now being extended until 1 July. Ollongren calls this extension necessary in view of the uncertain situation around corona.

Face masks and protective screens

In addition to early voting, this law makes it possible that other measures can also be taken if necessary. For example, wearing face masks in polling stations can be prescribed and it can be decided to place cough screens.

Furthermore, a polling station member is present in each polling station who monitors compliance with the corona measures that may be in force in the municipal elections. There is also more time for the determination of the results. New councillors are now being installed not eight but fourteen days after the vote, i.e. 30 March.