Easier impresses with Juventus – Barcelona: Mamma mia, Im in love

Three rejected goals by Alvaro Morata and a red card: Juventus has some to complain after the Champions League defeat against FC Barcelona. Danny Eeekie, referee in Turin, gets the compliments after expiration. Easier whistled a clear match and that stands out: at home and abroad the referee gets rave criticisms. โ€œPerfectly whistled, โ€œsounds from Spain. And a French tweet reads: The carelessness with which this referee gives cards is iconic. Calm, confident and charismatic… Mamma mia, Im in love.โ€

Great victory for a good playing Barcelona at Juventus. And Easiest whistle excellent. #juvbar
โ€” Jan Dirk Stouten (@JanDirkStouten) October 28, 2020

Danny Evelie whistled tonight! Chapeau!#juvbar #ChampionsLeague
โ€” Harry Hamer (@HarryHamer7) October 28, 2020

Por cierto, perfecto arbitraje de Danny Eakie
โ€” Enrique Seemann Carรบs (@iamkikin) October 28, 2020

I couldnt find a mistake from Eeasiie.
โ€” henk hielkema (@mistersnooker) October 28, 2020

Truly true flawlessly whistled by Eeasiie! Class. #JuveBarca #ChampionsLeague
โ€” R.H.A. van Mill (@Jurassickingdom) October 28, 2020

Man of the match: Easy #JUVBAR
โ€” Marianne Kuizenga-B โญ• s (@Marianneybos) October 28, 2020

La nonchalance with cui fischia and cartellini questarbitro is iconicaรจ calmo, sicuro e carismatico Mamma mia sono innamorata #JuveBarca
โ€” Lucy//Cinefila (@LucyMazza01) October 28, 2020

Excellent match from #makkelie by the way. You dick of those three offside goals.
โ€” frnoord (@frnoord) October 28, 2020

Buen trabajo the Easy.
โ€” Claus von Schlieffen (@CSchlieffen) October 28, 2020

#JUVBAR 3 goals rejected, a red card and a penalty against.. what a bad luck.. but all rightly so.. not a bad decision of Eweie.. but very sour for Juventus
โ€” Michiel Tollenaar (@Tollewop) October 28, 2020

Sovereign. Fatty crest. Good turn. #Makkelie #JUVBAR pic.twitter.com/RPNQZik7ig
โ€” Eric Schuurman ยฉ ๏ธ (@SchuurCom) October 28, 2020

Easy whistle good. #Juventus #Barcelona #juvbar #ChampionsLeague
โ€” Jordi Beeksma (@jordibeeksma) October 28, 2020

Easy; dont do anything more!#UefaChampionsLeague #JUVBAR 0 – 2 pic.twitter.com/QA5ZRW2DPN
โ€” Michel van Oostrum (@michelvoostrum) October 28, 2020

An excellent game of Danny Eookie and his assistants.
โ€” Jan van Driel (@JanvanDriel2) October 28, 2020