East Flames Steals, Bonuses and Offenses โ€” in Red Dead Onlines Fresh Patch

Red Dead Online players are waiting for another update this week: more RDO$ and experience for stealing the Flame of the East, earn rewards for completing contractsโ€ Blood Moneyโ€ and Nimble Shooter Club #3 bonuses, quickly navigate the map for free, and take advantage of the next discounts. hidden in the hills of the Annesberg โ€” you can approach him with imagination, but Rockstar has some useful tips and suggestions.

More RDO$ and experience can be found get for Bluewater and Cornwall contracts, and for fulfilling any Blood Money contract give a free vest and 2000 experience. All players also have a chance to earn extra capital banknotes.

The Prompt Shooter Club #3 will be in operation until October 4, during which you can get a variety of different money.

rewards and bonuses, as well as valuable items. The club‘s four season ticket holders will be given the upcoming Halloween Pass