Easy to move with a “pulling” wheelchair

Pulling Easy-moving with a wheelchair. The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games took the opportunity to…

Easy to move with a pulling wheelchair

With the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, we were planning to aim for a barrier-free society, but the unplanned Corona Whirlpools resulted in a postponement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.Barrier-free as a social infrastructure must be realized, but one side, for example, wheelchairs, must also evolve.

Now, what we will introduce is a device that turns a normal wheelchair into a rickshaw.It is well known that the direction and shaking are much more stable when pulling in front rather than pushing it from behind. (Cars used in snowy countries have many front-wheel drives.Although a four-wheel drive car is ideal).This is the same for wheelchairs, evacuation in the event of a disaster, even if there are slopes and steps, it is more efficient to pull than to press.

A company in Nagano has developed JINRIKI Quick, a device that can be easily attached and removed from commercially available wheelchairs.The device consists of two L-shaped bars made of stainless steel and aluminum, which are attached to the pipes on the front and left sides of the wheelchair.Hold the tip of this stick and pull it by the assistant as a puller.By using the principle of tensemo, even women and children can move easily by floating the front wheel and easily passing through the steps.

From the website of JINRIKI Co., Ltd.

We aim to be able to quickly evacuate people who cannot escape by themselves in the event of a disaster.When the user pushes the wheelchair from the back, or if the assistant pushes the wheelchair from the back, the small front wheel of the wheelchair is stuck in a step of only 1 centimeter and it is difficult to move, giving up evacuation if the road becomes uneven due to an earthquake, etc.There are many times.When climbing and descending stairs, it is usually necessary to lift the stairs by about four people. With this device, you can also move the stairs with the help of two people.

The motivation for development should be aimed at barrier-free in the city center, but not in rural areas.Therefore, if barrier-free barrier-free cannot be realized, he thought that it would be easier to move the wheelchair.

Currently, more than 5000 sets are delivered to more than 50 municipalities nationwide, and it is said that they are borrowed free of charge to applicants in each region.

This JINRIKI Quick is sold for about 55,000 yen.There is a showroom at the Meitetsu Department Store in Nagoya, where you can exhibit equipment and actually experience moving steps.In addition, videos such as enjoying mountain climbing in a wheelchair equipped with this device are also introduced.In the event of a disaster, people with disabilities who cannot escape their own can give up evacuation and prevent them from sacrificing!


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