Eating ice cream with food allergy, what should I watch out for?

Especially in summer, my children love ice cream. But one of them has a child allergy. What should I watch out for when eating scoop ice cream?

If a child has a food allergy and wants to eat scoop ice cream, it is important to report this so that the ice cream man/woman can take it into account.

All places where food and drinks are sold are required to have an allergens list in order to check which allergens a product contains.

If you have a cow‘s milk and/or chicken egg allergy, unfortunately you cannot eat ice cream. Ice cream consists of milk, sugar cream and eggs. Luckily you can eat most of the sorbet ice cream.

Nuts and peanuts

Sorbet and water ice cream usually consist of water, fruit and sugar. However, it is important to keep an eye out, because even then it can sometimes contain milk or eggs. In addition, peanuts or nuts are used in many types of ice cream. Always ask if there are nuts or peanuts in or on the ice cream.

Wheat and gluten free ice cream is available. Be careful with the cone or biscuit! Fortunately, more and more ice cream parlours are selling gluten-free cones/biscuits.

Even if the ice cream you have chosen is suitable, it is still very important to pay attention to cross-contamination. Such an infection means that a type of ice cream is basically safe, but that it may have come into contact with another type to which a child can react allergically.


Cross-contamination is very well possible through the ice cream scoop. For example, if an ice cream scoop is first scooped for someone else and the same scoop is then used for your ice cream. Rather not scoop ice cream? Packed ice cream from the supermarket reduces the risk of such contamination.

Tip: you can, of course, make ice creams at home. That way you can be sure there are no products in them that your child can’t tolerate.

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