ED: In addition to Van Bommel and Wolfsburg, PSV Berghuis can get 4 million

Mark van Bommel seems to want to bring Steven Berghuis to VfL Wolfsburg, but possibly the Dutch trainer will get competition from his old club PSV. The Eindhoven Dagblad reports that the Brabanders are also interested in the Feyenoord captain.
Van Bommel is soon appointed to the Bundesliga club, after which he presumably wants to lure several Dutch people to Volkswagen-Arena. One of them is Berghuis, who can leave Feyenoord through a transfer clause for four million euros. According to the ED, Van Bommel already had initiating conversations with the 29-year-old Oranje-International.
But PSV also closely follows the wing attacker and has regular contact with his management, says the newspaper. In addition, Dutch clubs could also pick him up for four million from Rotterdam, because the storage clause for Ajax and PSV has now expired.
Besides Berghuis, media also wrote that Mohamed Ihattaren and Michal Sadรญlek can come into view at Van Bommels Wolfsburg. In addition, several Dutch people have to become part of the technical staff, including Kevin Hofland.