Editor-in-chief Bild away to ‘love affairs with employees’

The editor-in-chief of the biggest German newspaper Bild has been expelled from his position with immediate effect. The reason is that 41-year-old Julian Reichelt has had love affairs with associates, with evidence of abuse of power, media concert Axel Springer has revealed.

The publisher of the daily newspaper with eight million daily readers stresses that there have been no allegations of sexual harassment or sexual assault. However, Reichelt did not clearly separate personal and professional matters and the executive board told falsehoods during investigations, a statement says.

Reichelt had previously been given a second chance after allegations could not be proven, but after that the company received โ€œnew evidence of misconduct.โ€ His departure as editor-in-chief is therefore โ€œinevitable.โ€

The 37-year-old Johannes Boie, currently editor-in-chief of the Welt am Sonntag newspaper, becomes the new chairman of Bilds three-headed editorial editor.