Education debate does not take place because of PVV

The election debate of the General Education Association (AoB) does not take place because of commotion about the announced participation of PVV MP Harm Beertema.

The debate on, among other things, class size and teacher shortage would take place next Tuesday with the seven largest political parties. The AoB itself spoke of the political education debate in the run-up to the elections.

But under pressure from angry members, the FNV-federation decided on Sunday to cancel the debate. They are angry about the participation of PVV MP Beertema, himself former teacher at a MBO institution.

โ€œ The central board of the AoB has found that the election programme of the PVV is so distanced from everything that the AoB is in mission and vision that the central administration is forced to withdraw the invitation to the PVV,โ€ writes the trade union in a statement. โ€œThis has such an impact on the content of the debate that cancellation is currently the only option.โ€

โ€œ Equal Opportunitiesโ€

The Board of the Teachers Union further indicates that it will engage with members about equal opportunities, racism and how to deal with a political landscape with parties with ideas that are miles away from ones own mission.

PVV leader Geert Wilders has reacted ferociously to the withdrawal of the invitation via Twitter: โ€œWhat a cowardly anti-democrats who are lazy from the General Education Association. Disgusting.โ€