Educationbond cancels election debate due to vision PVV

Educationbond AoB cancelled the election debate on education because members objected to the participation of the PVV. The League writes that the election programme of the PVV โ€œis so distancing from everything the AoB (…) stands forโ€ that the invitation to the party had to be withdrawn and the debate could not continue.

The Education Association does not report the exact differences between the PVV and the AoB. In the statement, the board writes to discuss with members: โ€œAbout equal opportunities, racism and how to deal with a political landscape with parties with ideas that are miles away from their own mission.โ€

PVV education spokesman and MPMP Harm Beertema responds disgruntled. โ€œThe Association of Inclusion and Equality. The union for everyone, except for PVVers.โ€ Party leader Geert Wilders writes on Twitter: โ€œWhat a cowardly anti-democrats who are people from the AoB.โ€

That is precisely why debate

The debate would be held tomorrow with spokesmen for CDA, GroenLinks, PvdA, SP, VVVD and D66 as well as the PVV. The parties would discuss, among other things, maximum class sizes, the importance of permanent contracts in education and equality of opportunity.

The D66 education spokesman is unhappy with the cancellation and calls on the AoB to continue the debate. โ€œBadโ€, tweets MPP Paul van Meenen. โ€œAlso very disagree with a lot of points from that program. But that is precisely why I want to have a debate with Harm Beertema.โ€