eFootball 2022 were about to lose: getting ready for a patch

A week ago, on September 30, eFootball 2022 was released and players greeted the project with uncoverable hatred. At the moment, the game has only 11% positive reviews on Steam, and this is progress: it was 8% at the start. Fans of football simulators criticized almost every aspect of the game: and performance, and management, and technical issues, and scarce content.

But the animation was the most, and it really stands out from a host of similar projects. On October 28, Konami scheduled the release of a patch that aims to fix the major problems of eFootball 2022 .

It is not known whether he will touch on the players unforgettable facial expressions and their uncompromising on-field clashes. But just in case all this goes down in the summer, we decided to keep the best examples of modern football simulator.

The game involves players of world renown from authentic clubs: ; Barcelona, Bayern Mรผnchen, Juventus, Manchester and others. And the revolutionary new engine was supposed to make everything recognizable and realistic.

Alas, intentions remain intent, and Messi, Ronaldo and others are seriously intimidating with their own persons. Footballers are frightening singly, but in company they show a true understanding of horror.

Anatomy has no power over them, but for the sake of victory they are willing to commit any self-harm. To become the โ€œfootball kingsโ€ and their retinue.

Referees, in order not to see the inane on the pitch, burrow into the ground, managers lose their faces, and the public consists of cloned zombies. More on Gamemania Easter in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider found four years later The premiere of the โ€œBlade Runner: Black Lotusโ€ anime will premiere on November 13 Rockstar announced remasters of the classic Grand Theft Auto trilogy.