Eight candidates to become chairman PvdA

PvdA members get what to choose for the new chairman. Eight candidates have reported recently.

Esther-Mirjam Sent is considered one of the contenders. The 54-year-old senator led the election program committee last year and came up with the leftmost PvdA program in years. In addition to MP, Sent is Professor of Economics at Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Campaign strategist Pieter Paul Slikker would also have a good chance. Slikker (40) has a long track record and a large network within the PvdA. He worked for all party leaders since Wouter Bos and has a good relationship with current party leader Ploumen. Slikker is group chairman of the PvdA in Den Bosch.

Merger or not?

Two outsiders for the victory are 28-year-old Frank van de Wolde and 43-year-old Reshma Roopram. Van de Wolde speaks strongly in favour of a merger with GroenLinks. After the poor election results of both the PvdA and GroenLinks in March, he published the manifesto ‘Together Red Groen’ with party members and Groenlinks members.

Roopram, alderman in Barendrecht, is very opposed to a merger. โ€œWe put the PvdA on sale or are going to make sure the Netherlands remembers what the Labour Party stands for,โ€ she said when she was running.

Another candidate is Gerard Bosman (65). He is a co-founder of Linkom! , an action group within the PvdA that tries to shift the course to the left, and the chairman of PvdA Hilversum, 50-year-old Binnert de Beaufort, as well as Taco Kuiper (58) and the equally old Ger Rolsma.


There are three chairman debates in mid-September and members will be able to vote from 15 September. Early October the results will be announced and it becomes clear who will be the successor to Nelleke Vedelaar.

This results are difficult to predict, especially because members have to rank candidates. So everyone puts the eight candidates on a list of one to eight and that makes the outcome unclear.