Eight conclusions: ‘Ajax-Martínez’ landed in Manchester, Malacia passes test

After a compelling football night at Old Trafford, Erik ten Hag has won the first three points of the season. In a new composition, Liverpool was defeated 2-1. Football scoop draws seven conclusions.
Drill training Ten Hag pays off After the 4-0 defeat to Brentford, the United squad had to run 13.8 kilometers, the difference between his team‘s total distance run, compared to Brentford’s. Ten Hag demanded more energy from his team. He got to see it against Liverpool. The Reds were chased off for almost ninety minutes. The passion is back at United.
Malacia passes Salah test For the first time this season, Tyrell Malacia was allowed to embark on a Premier League duel. With Mohamed Salah, the Dutchman did not face the slightest outside player, but he held his own very well. Malacia continues its Feyenoord shape effortlessly at United.
‘Ajax-Martínez’ landed in Manchester Lisandro Martínez received the necessary criticism after his first two performances. On Monday evening, the Martínez who caused a furore at Ajax was seen for the first time in England: good at the ball, very strong in the duels. Things must be strange, or the Argentine is at the heart of the defense with Raphaël Varane for the time being.
Ten Hag leaves big names aside Harry Maguire stayed aside for ninety minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo was allowed to fill in in the final phase. Without the pair, United exuded fun. Anthony Elanga, who replaced Ronaldo, was fierce in scaring off, while the defense stood like a house.

1-0 for Manchester United! 👏 Jadon Sancho took his time and shoots. He scores the first goal of the season on behalf of Manchester United. Watch the game live 👉 https://t.co/GWGJuLr16t#ViaplayVoetbal #ViaplaySportNL #MANLIV pic.twitter.com/8TzYgBi1yS
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Fernandes takes responsibility Bruno Fernandes was the captain of The Mancunians in the absence of Maguire and Ronaldo in the base. No one will be surprised if it turns out that the Portuguese traveled thirty kilometers on Monday. Fernandes toiled, had depth and defended along. In short: he felt responsible.
Ten Hag grows counter plow We can hurt them in the changeover, Ten Hag said beforehand. That proved to be correct. With the fast Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Elanga in the front, a counter team was born. Virgil van Dijk and his companions in the back were at times no match for United‘s speed devils.
Old Trafford is back It has been forgoing as a United supporter for the past few seasons. The weak game affected the fans present in the stadium. How different was that Monday night. Old Trafford rightfully transformed into the Theatre of Dreams for the first time in a long time. Both inside and outside the lines.

Marcus Rashford puts Manchester United 2-0! 🔥 The VAR decides that it is not an offside and so the goal remains. Can Liverpool come back? 👉 https://t.co/GWGJuLr16t#ViaplayVoetbal #ViaplaySportNL #PremierLeague #MANLIV pic.twitter.com/Ad6DPWxGu4
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Stretch the line A swallow doesn’t make a summer yet. The victory over Liverpool gives Ten Hag a moment of air and the field play gives hope. In the coming weeks, Southampton, Leicester City and Arsenal should show how much the victory over Liverpool was worth.