Eight injured in possible terrorist attack Sweden

In Sweden, eight people were injured in a possible terrorist attack. This happened in Vetlanda, a small municipality in the south of the country.

The wounded were taken to the hospital. Some of them are in serious condition, reports the Swedish public broadcaster SVT.

The incident happened around 3:00 this afternoon. The police have one suspect in the picture; he struck five different places, as the police said.

The alleged unsub was shot by the police and arrested. Its a man in his 20s who was already known to the police. Hes being treated at the hospital for his gunshot wounds. Nothing is known about the motive yet; the police have not yet questioned the defendant.

In the municipality has been shocked:

Initially, the incident was treated by the authorities as attempted murder, but later on the basis of a possible terrorist attack. The National Security Service is also involved in the case.

Uncertainty about weapon

Its still unclear what weapon was used. Press agency Reuters speaks of a knife, press agency AP reports that an axe has been used. Several places in Vetlanda have been deposed by the authorities.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven condemned the incident; he spoke of a terrible act.