Eight people affected in Philadelphia shooting

In the American city of Philadelphia, eight people died on Wednesday in a shooting near the station, reports local police. Two suspects have been arrested by now. The circumstances under which the shooting took place are still unknown.

Around 14.50 US time, fire was opened at the Olnay Transportation Center. Two women and six men, between 17 and 71 years of age were affected. The oldest of the victims is in the worst condition: the 71-year-old man is in critical condition after being hit in the back and legs.


Initially the police thought they were dealing with seven victims, but an eighth victim โ€” struck with a graze shot, turned out later โ€” was taken to the hospital of his own accord.

Chief Inspector Frank Vanore stated Wednesday night that it was still unclear who shot why and even if there was a target, writes The Philadelphia Inquirer. In the meantime, two suspects have been arrested: a man who was chased by cops in the neighborhood who heard gunshots. And a man who was caught in a Chevrolet who was alleged to have been used as a vehicle by the suspects. Both men were in possession of weapons when they were caught in their collar.

Interrogations and surveillance footage should clarify the circumstances of the shooting. 18 shell casings were found.