Eindhoven and Oss do not entertain, Almere throws away title opportunities in the Geusselt

FC Eindhoven and TOP Oss did not score Friday night. The two clubs in Brabant wanted to start the fourth period well, but that didn‘t really work out.
FC Eindhoven – TOP Oss 0-0De Eindhovenaren lost last week with 3-0 from Cambuur and had to win to keep a view of the playoffs during the fourth period, while TOP drove with a happy 2-1 home victory against NEC to the Aalsterweg. However, neither team was able to score a goal and that was especially painful for Eindhoven, which was the better team.
As a result, Oss remains eleventh, FCE is the number sixteen and both teams leave points in the fourth period. Eindhoven can put those with one point out of two races out of its head and TOP is now four out of two.
MVV – Almere City 2-0Many went wrong for Almere in Limburg. Scoring didn’
t get the number three of the Kitchen Champion Division and it got worse when MVV got ahead of a quarter of an hour before due to a distance shot from Sven Blummel. And a few minutes later, Joy-Lance Mickels decided the game.
The defeat of Almere will be welcomed with cheers in Leeuwarden and Doetinchem. De Graafschap will play against NAC Breda this weekend and can increase the gap with Almere to five points. Cambuur is currently leading with seventy points from 29 matches, the lead over Almere is now eight points.

โœ… For the first time since 2011 @mvvmaastricht 5 ๏ธ wins home games in a row! โŒ @AlmereCityFC could pass The Graafschap, but let that chance lie… #๏ธ #mvvalm pic.twitter.com/F5251QWEHX
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) March 26, 2021