EK-gold, fall and the lack of ‘Laar’: for a while Schulting becomes too much

Suddenly she broke on stage. After her victory at the European Championship shorttrack in Gdansk, Poland, Suzanne Schulting suddenly reminded of her friend and teammate Lara van Ruijven, who died last year.

โ€œ It was all a little too much for me. I had a break-out on the stage, the last place you want. But yes, I had to think a bit of ‘Laar’, henceโ€, Schulting looked back on an eventful day.

Gold, falls and memories

First she won the 1,000 meter and with that she won her third consecutive European all-round title. Then she fell on the relay, which prevented the Orange women from winning gold. And in between the memories of Van Ruijven came up.

โ€œ It was a pile of things, everything came out. Bizarre, last year I was on stage with โ€œLaar โ€œand now she‘s gone. That just came in.โ€

Watch in the video carousel below Suzanne Schulting gold picks on the 1,000 meters and falls on the relay.

After this European Championships await Schulting two World Cup’s. On the long track (skating) she will take part in the 500 and 1,000 meters from 11 to 14 February in Heerenveen and from 5 to 7 March in Dordrecht the World Championships shorttrack.

At least she had an excellent preparation for it this weekend in Poland. The fall on the relay was a small flap on a further supreme performance and that will soon be cleaned away as far as Schulting is concerned. โ€œThe goal is to get individual gold at the World Cup Shorttrack and then also with the team.โ€