El Guerguarate: Morocco has the “right to protect its territorial integrity” (PSOE member)

Morocco, by unblocking the passage of El Guerguarate, exercised its right to protect its territorial integrity, said on Saturday, Juan Segovia, a member of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE, in power).

Morocco, like all the countries of the world, has the right and even the duty to protect its own territorial integrity, said Mr. Segovia in a statement to the MAP, assuring that the intervention of the Royal Armed Forces to liberate this area important for the commercial traffic of the countries of the region and Spain is part of theexercise of this right.

Morocco has done the right thing and its military forces intervened without violence to put an end to an unacceptable provocation of polisario militias, hammered the former socialist regional deputy and general secretary of the Socialist Rally of Fuencarral.

The polisario must now prioritize the path of reason, stop blocking key infrastructure in the region and put an end to its unacceptable provocations, he warned.

Several European politicians and experts stressed the legitimacy of the intervention of the Royal Armed Forces to secure the passage between Morocco and Mauritania via the Guergarate buffer zone, it is recalled.

They also denounced the actions of the polisario, supported by Algeria and its acts of provocation against Minurso.

By CCEiT (with MAP)