Ela story update to Subverse to be released on October 25

FOW Interactive announced the release of the Ela update to the erotic action film Subverse. Well see the continuation of the storyline on October 25: it was going to be released at the beginning of the month, but decided to focus a little more on Cinematics and the world of Pandora. The game will feature a new heroine, Elisha Sorn, and her the quest line includes both a jailbreak, a participation in a revolution, and a visit to Khloes homeworld.

Thirteen new cinematic videos have been created for the campaign, and this time they focus on characters rather than flirtation. The patch will bring new enemies and challenges to the game, as well as a sexy new content.

Therefore, screenshots on the developer blog should be viewed with caution. Subverse was released in March, and although the game received very positive reviews at first, its rating has now dropped to mixed.

Tom is to blame for a long lack of updates: developers cite management errors and lack of development experience. But the studio puts all the revenue from the game into software development, and the young the team is getting proficient little by little.

And over time, updates promise to be released more regularly. More on Gamemania Dog Simulator To The Rescue! is released on November 4th Grottos Soothsayer Adventure is released on October 20 For a fantastic adventure Space Crew is preparing a legendary edition.