Elden Ring appears to be out no sooner than April 2022

Kadokawa Corporation, which owns FromSoftware, issued a financial report with expectations for the coming fiscal year. And apparently, Elden Ring will be released no sooner than next April. The fact is that until March 2022 inclusive Kadokawa expects a marked reduction in gaming revenues.

In addition, it is noted that due to conoravirus there were (and are predicted) delays in development. At the same time, the company writes that the new creation FromSoftware will be the largest game of developers Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

The project, we remind, is created together with George Martin, the author of Songs of Ice and Fire . About Elden Ring has not received official news for a long time, except that in the network unexpectedly duck unpublished gameplay excerpt.

Journalists assumed that the game will be shown at the end of March or in April – but it did not work, which means we are waiting for the presentation at E3 2021. More at Gamomania A couple of frames from the upcoming Battlefield 6 trailer Leaked: S.

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