Election Day in Germany: Leaders Vote

In Germany, elections for a new parliament are in full swing. The battle for Chancellorship is between Olaf Scholz of the Social Democratic SPD and Christian Democrat Armin Laschet (CDU). Both of them cast their votes in their hometown this morning.

Scholz was in Potsdam, near Berlin:

Laschet voted in an elementary school around the corner from his home in Aachen. That didn‘t go well. He had not folded his ballot correctly, allowing the press present to see which party he had voted for. It wasn’t surprising: his own party.

Election Day is going without major incidents for the time being. In Wuppertal, the polls were hampered this morning by the find of a World War II bomb. The municipality instructed residents in a part of the city to stay indoors. Around noon, the bomb had been defused and people could still vote.

6pm exitpoll

The estimated 2pm attendance figures will be announced around 3:30pm. Polling stations are still open until 6 pm. A first exit poll follows immediately after that.

In the parliamentary elections four years ago, 76.2% of voters finally got up. Postal voices are not included in the midterm attendance rate. 40 percent of German voters are expected to vote by letter this year.